• Innovative Cooperation Brought New Aviation Communication

    ZTE customized and developed ground-to-air CDMA EV-DO system for Aircell, and provide EV-DO data service for avian aircraft in the whole country. Customized ATG (Air-To-Ground) EV-DO data network is not only the first application of CDMA technology in high air, filling the blank of ground system in avian communication field, and substituting traditional avian satellite communication, but also introduces communication innovation of a new era for airline industry.

  • IMS Deployment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia——High Efficiency Delivery of Multimedia Broadband Services

    With its expansive land mass and sparse population, the market for wireless broadband access in Saudi Arabia is very significant. Aiming to seize upon this market opportunity, Atheeb selected ZTE as the partner to build IMS network across the country.

China Mobile is one of the leading operators in China. Faced with full-service operation competition, China Mobile aims to deliver fixed voice and multimedia services to individual and enterprise users over IMS, and finally, to build an IMS-based Fixed and Mobile Convergence (FMC) network.

As an MVNO, Materna is facing fierce competitions in Germany Telecom Market. After reconstructing the network by adopting ZTE solution, Materna optimizes network quality and enlarges network capacity. ZTE help Materna hold pulse of market accurately and create globally high-end MVNO brand.