Pre5G Highlights

ZTE Pre5G includes both early commercialization of 5G key technologies and the key technologies of LTE-Advanced Pro defined by 3GPP, which will build the bridge connecting 4G and 5G, and fill the 5-year gap before 5G commercialization.

Evolution, Compatibility, Cost-efficiency

Evolution: Based on the smooth evolution of the existing 4G network, Pre5G is a highly cost-effective technology requiring a low cost investment and fast deployment;

Compatibility: Pre5G is compatible with 4G terminals. Users needn’t change the terminal to use the new network and services;

Cost-efficiency: Pre5G focuses on meeting the requirement of high traffic areas, high end users and high rate services, so Pre5G can be deployed in specific regions with low investment.

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Key Technologies

Industry News

Commercial Networks

ZTE carries out in-depth cooperation with global operators in terms of customer demand, scenario study, new business applications, network innovation, and does its best to create the most suitable solutions.ZTE has signed strategic cooperation agreements with leading operators, including China Mobile, Deutsch Telecom, SoftBank, Korea Telecom, U Mobile.

Because of excellent performance, in Feb.2016, ZTE was awarded with “2016 MWC Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough” and “Outstanding overall Mobile Technology-The CTO’s Choice”

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