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Simple AO:The Road of Access Office Re-Architecture

Shi WenjunSolution Director of FM Product Line

keynote Speaking

14:30 October 23rd

New Ways to Accelerate The Ultra-Broadband Era

Hu JunjieChief Global Marketing Officer of Bearer Network

Virtualization & Automation

14:50 October 24

Engine of Network Transformation - Flexible Network Slicing

Zhu XuanSolution Director, BN Product MKT & Solution Team

Next-Generation Networks

16:40 October 24

Aotonomous Network System for NFVI

Peng HaoSenior Product Marketing Director

Virtualization & Automation

14:10 October 25


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Shi Wenjun

Solution Director of FM Product Line

New services/scenarios are booming, the access office re-architecture is a trend, ZTE provides total solutions for the access office re-architecture. ZTE’s opinions on the access office re-architecture:

1. The reasonable location of 5G DU deployment is in the access office, the existing FTTH infrastructure can be reused when FMC. WDM-PON is a good choice.
2. Light Cloud provides a better solution for high QoE sensitive services.
3. Access CDN helps decrease bottleneck of the uplink resources and optimize IPTV/OTT QoE.
4. High-integrated PNF and light cloud NFVI is the road for the convergence in the access office.

Hu Junjie

Chief Global Marketing Officer of Bearer Network

In the Ultra-Broadband Era, the demands for large broadband, ultra reliability, low latency and better user keep rising. The traditional IP RAN or OTN upgrade and expansion cannot meet future requirements any longer. Network flatness and E2E autonomous network are believed to be able to drive the transformation of network transport. To achieve network adaptability, intent-based network is used to enhance O&M efficiency, activate upstream & downstream industry chain, build up a new ecological circle, and explore new profit-making models.

Zhu Xuan

Solution Director, BN Product MKT & Solution Team

ZTE Flex Slicing solution meets the demands of next-generation transport network. It fully satisfies the differentiated service requirements and unifies the transmission of FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence). By leveraging intelligent O&M system, the cost will be lower. More new applications will be enabled to help operators promote their new commercial modes.

Peng Hao

Senior Product Marketing Director

The development of NFV, 5G and MEC Services accelerate the deployment of telecom cloud, in which the high availability, high performance and distributed network are of the most importance. The network automation provided by SDN is only the first step, telecom cloud need a network with the end-to-end service assurance and self-healing capabilities. Meanwhile, virtualization and container technology push the network edge into the server, so a fully E2E autonomous network that cross the boundary between software and hardware devices is the key to success for telecom cloud.