ZTE QRun Solution

  • QRun (Quick Run) is an integrated solution that consists of twelve modules and helps operators to achieve quick planning and construction, operation readiness, service fulfillment and operation assurance of fixed broadband networks.
  • QRun establishes a fast channel from investment to return

    Provides onsite survey and planning modules to implement paperless network planning and electronic resource data transmission, thereby sharply improving resource correctness and achieving rapid network deployment.

    Provides fast, full-lifecycle management of service products, network resources and manpower resources. It helps customer shortens product time-to-market and enhance competitiveness.

    Provides plug-and-play service provisioning solutions via the automatic flow and the portal onsite tool. It boosts the provisioning efficiency by six times.

    Supports active and passive network analysis, fault locating on map, fault prediction, trouble ticket assignment and data analysis, thereby enhancing maintenance efficiency.

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