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Intelligent Operations


SDN/NFV brings carriers the transformation chance, as well as challenges of SDN/NFV virtual network O&M: ●Separate of virtual resource management and service management causes two views of OSS and NFVO, and it is inconvenient for corporation management; ●Virtual management operations are lack of the unified portal and need to switch in several systems (NFVO/VNFM/VIM), so in practice it’s quite difficult to use; ●As separate of EMS and VNFM, repetition of some generic functions might go against the unified management of network elements.

TECS CMS Solution

With the advent of 5G and the development of MEC, cloud data centers are entering the phase of large-scale deployment. How to deal with the construction and O&M of massive data centers efficiently has become an important issue for operators. ZTE TECS CMS solution provides automated and intelligent O&M services for cloud infrastructure, covering a full range of capabilities: planning, deployment, maintenance, optimization and operation, to effectively improve the resource management efficiency and reduce the OPEX.

5GC Automatic Integration Solution

With the arrival of 5G era, the telecom network gradually evolves from legacy network to virtualized network. Under such circumstances, the network architecture of operators becomes more open, the resources sharing becomes more flexible, and the service innovation becomes faster and more agile. Meanwhile, as the standard 5G CN architecture comprises several NEs, the networking is complex, and the hardware & software decoupling degree is greater along with the virtualization evolution. All these bring huge challenges, in network planning & design, verification, deployment and test from vendors and cross-region integration for the operators.

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