TAS+ Voice Value-Added Solution

  • The ZTE TAS+ solution provides enterprises, families and individuals with value-added services based on basic voice and multimedia. It supports many mainstream protocols and provides rich service applications for all mobile/fixed network users, enhancing user experience and helping operators improve ARPU.
  • On the whole, ZTE TAS+ can provide two types of services: Enhanced Consumer Service and Enhanced Enterprise Service.

    1. Providing enhanced consumer services such as PPS, call assistant, ONLY and Eco-zone to help operators enhance user experience and improve user's viscosity
    2. Providing enhanced enterprise services such as VPBX and NTS to help operators expand the enterprise market and realize the B2B2C new business model

    Customer Value
    1. Reduce Costs and Boost Revenue
    Convergent service, which realizes one service for CS/VoLTE users, helps operators ensure the service consistency and reduce investment costs;
    Rich value-added services based on voice and multimedia help operators deepen the individual and enterprise markets in the audio/video service realm and expand new business models.
    2. Fast Service Provisioning
    Supporting NFV together with a DevOps tool chain, which realizes the rapid service development and deployment, helps the cloud-based transformation of operators' services.
    3. Build a New Voice Value-added Ecosystem
    Decoupling capability from application enables the development of third-party voice value-added services;
    Convergent service development helps developers realize one-time service development for multiple networks and improve development efficiency.