IP+Optical Synergy Based vPIPE Solution

  • Today, service cloudification urges for an urgent reform of the transport network architecture. ZTE unveils the SDN-based IP+Optical solution which introduces vDC's computing resource scheduling and O&M model into WAN network to reduce the network construction and operation costs.
  • Overview

    The booming new services such as cloud computing, VR and IoT make traffic increase dramatically. Also, event-driven traffic model featuring abruptness needs the network architecture capable of implementing network adjustment and responding quickly to changing services. ZTE launches SDN-based IP + optical solution to virtualize the entire network, and through cloud definition and automated virtual-physical mapping, it implements resource scheduling and automated life-cycle management similar to cloud computing to meet the cloudification & 5G era transport network Trends and empower the network.

    Core Principles

    • ● Network Resource pooling: Allocate resources on demand to improve network resource utilization
    • ● Network Automation: Realize O&M automation and improve O&M efficiency through automated virtual-physical mapping
    • ● SDN-based architecture: Hierarchical SDN controllers to enable unified scheduling of transport network resource pools

    Value Promotion

    Resource pooling and maximized cost  benefit

    Network resource pooling adjusts network resources dynamically as per specific traffic,which improves network resource utilization from 20-30% to 60-80% while reducing CAPEX.

    Elastic Network adaptive to service dynamically

    As a resource pool, the transport network allows for on-demand resource supply. Service-based elastic network bandwidth complies with the service development in the age of cloud.

    Network Definition On Demand

    The Virtual network is defined through APP, SDN controller is responsible of the mapping between VN and physical devices automatically. Just like 3D print, define the requirement, get the network in real time.

    Zero-Touch Network Self-healing

    When a physical network failure affects the virtual network, the SDN controller re-searches for resources from the resource pool to complete the mapping, and realizes network self-healing.

    Zero-Configuration Recovery of Single-Point Device Failure

    When a single physical device fails, O&M engineers only need to replace the hardware device, the system automatically senses that the device is powered on, and the SDN controller automatically remaps the virtual network with the physical resources to achieve zero-configuration network self-healing.

    Survivability Analysis Reduces the Probability of Network Failure

    Simulate the impact on the virtual network under n (n = 1,2 ...) faults, output which physical resources the physical network supplements, and ensure that the virtual IP network self-healing under n faults.

    Build future-oriented network


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