ZTE Government Affairs Video Conferencing Solution

  • Customer Requirement
    Difficult cross-department communication: Various networks of government departments cannot be efficiently connected, resulting in a great number of information islands, difficult interconnection, difficult information sharing, and difficult service collaboration, and constraining cross-department collaboration and communication for e-government.
    No sharing of conference room resources: Conference room resources of different departments cannot be balanced and shared, causing the waste of resources in some departments and insufficient resources in other departments
    Repeated system construction: Being limited by the stovepipe architecture of each video conferencing systems constructed by different departments, the video conferencing system cannot be used or managed in a unified manner, causing unnecessary repeated construction.
    Use modern information technology methods such as multimedia, cloud service, and mobile office to realize optimization and restructuring of  the government’s organization structure and workflow, go beyond the limit of time, space, and department division, and proactively develop applications such as video conferencing and mobile office to save the government expenditure for business trips, boost work efficiency, improve the emergency command & dispatch capability, and promote the online public service level of the government. 

    Brief Introduction
    It is applicable to all the related government ministries and bureaus in these countries and efficient e-government programs. It is also applicable to meetings between government departments of various levels, including cross-regional and cross-department administrative meetings, administrative collaboration, command & dispatching, and training and learning. In addition, it provides service applications such as social collaboration and public consulting. These features can significantly save travelling expenditure, boosting efficiency of government affairs, and promoting social service capabilities.

    Solution Highlights

    New office: The e-government affairs video conferencing system integrates all kinds of conferencing and conference room resources to provides a communication channel across government departments, and provides applications such as administrative conference, daily office, and training & learning.  
    New integration: Upon an emergency event, the system can provide government emergency command & dispatch. The integrated dispatching platform can integrate multiple applications such as video conferencing, video surveillance, individual communication system, wireless trunking, mobile phone, and GIS, and transmit multiple channels of images on the HD video wall and efficiently improve command efficiency. 
    New service: The new video cloud can provide new service applications such as remote video consulting service and Live broadcast to realize transparent government affairs.
    Customer Benefits
    Through innovating management concepts, share resources and decrease government investment. The video cloud, through centralized construction and  management of resources and control of multilevel rights, can completely share conference room and video port resources to reduce repeated construction and decrease the investment from government. 
    Meet multiple typical service applications of government affairs and improve the decision-making information service level of government departments. The video cloud is an integrated system, which not only improves the service collaboration capability and public service capabilities of government departments, but also provides technical support for decision-making and command upon emergencies.  
    Adopt leading core technologies to acquire the optimal communication experience. The solution adopts the globally-leading H.265 video encoding technology and 4K UHD videos so that the users can obtain more excellent experience. It provides the industrially-leading multi-way backup technologies for key information and features the network adaptation function to ensure system security and reliability.

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