Mobile Network Optimization

Based on a variety of remote, centralized, and intelligent tool support platforms, ZTE can efficiently evaluate and predict mobile network problems in a timely manner, identify potential network problems and risks in advance, and provide customized network optimization service plans. To ensure the efficiency of network maintenance and lower the Opex, bring the ultimate network performance experience and powerful market competitiveness to the customer.

● With the leading optimization concept, the product has the capability of network performance and service perception pre-evaluation and risk identification, and can provide optimization plans based on KPI deterioration prediction.
● Intelligent Optimization Platform based on big data and AI, ZTE can provide end-to-end intelligent optimization solution, and can deliver optimization in local and remote scenarios.
● As a global mobile network service provider, ZTE has rich experience in mobile network optimization, and has 10,000 after-sales service engineers, 3000+ network optimization experts and 3000+ outsourcing partners.

Business Value
● Improve the efficiency of network O&M and reduce Opex.
● Improve network performance, optimizes resource configurations, and customer experience.
● Continuously improve the intelligent level of mobile networks to enable digital transformation.

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