Network O&M Service

ZTE network O&M service can help operators to manage the network with controllable costs and predictable quality through role replacement. The network O&M service includes front-line site inspection, second-line expert maintenance (fault management, performance management, configuration management, security management), 24×7 network monitoring, network performance improvement, network optimization, third party vendor management, engineering management and other end-to-end management and services.


● Rich experience and powerful delivery capability. 
● Continuous iteration and service evolution. ZTE is committed to promoting the continuous evolution of managed service to intelligent O&M, service O&M, experience O&M, and value O&M, and from a traditional network-oriented O&M mode to a value O&M system centered on user experience.
● Great industrial and market influence. In April 2019, GlobalData released the latest report, and ZTE managed service were rated as "Strong." 

Business Value
● ZTE's efficient tool platform and standard O&M process help operators to further improve O&M efficiency and reduce O&M costs.
● The ZTE managed service operation center can help the operator to improve such indexes as network KPI and KQI, and further improve user perception.
● Operators can immediately contact the latest technologies to shorten the time for transforming technologies into markets and improve market competitiveness.

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