High-Quality Network Deployment Solution

To offer optimal user experience, ZTE is in constant pursuit of leadership in network technology and quality. It has proposed Superb Network Solutions to effectively improve network quality and user perception while increasing network value. ZTE's "Superb Network Project" contains four phases, namely, basic network construction, value network evaluation and improvement, user experience improvement, and customer business growth and profit increase. 

● Enhance network performance and user experience and assist customers in achieving business growth and profit increase. ZTE's "Superb Network Project" includes all processes involved in network construction and operation. Starting from the network planning, the project aims to enhance network performance and user experience, and ultimately assists customers in achieving business growth and profit increase. 
● Customized solution: ZTE's superb network construction team provides customized network performance improvement solution in accordance with customer's network features and requirements.
● Big data tools: The superb network construction team provides customized network performance improvement solutions, and introduces big data tools that enable coverage evaluation, multi-network coverage comparison, reverse antenna and feeder connection detection, virtual drive testing, and intelligent optimization. 

Business Value
● Network performance can be improved by deploying the superb network.
● This solution helps operators provide competitive network and service experience, improve network operation capabilities, and achieve service and revenue growth.

Success Story
● In the Chinese market, ZTE partners with China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom to build multiple superb networks.
● In the overseas market, ZTE builds superb networks for many operators to improve their network performance and user experience. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the networks built with ZTE, the operators ranked first in the third party test, TUTELA test, Ookla Speedtest, My Broadband and other BenchMark tests. ZTE helps to increase their brand value and promotes their service and revenue growth.
● ZTE helped Hutchison Drei Austria network win the first place in terms of network quality and download rate in the network quality assessment organized in 2019 by TUTELA.