• With speech technology fulfilled on LTE network, the success of VoLTE relies on enhancement of user experience, attracting more users and increasing users' loyalty.

  • Voice service, one of operators' main income sources, is also the competitive advantage to counterbalance OTT service. VoLTE, the speech technology fulfilled on LTE network, provides higher quality voice service compared to 2G/3G network. VoLTE also creates high commercial value - increasing user loyalty and extending throughput consumption, that is, users can make a call while use other app simultaneously. VoLTE certainly will activate the infinite potential of all-IP network era, assisting operators in gaining more throughput income. ZTE innovative eVoLTE MOS4.0+ solution offers excellent users experience (MOS>4.0) , helping operators to improve brand image and user loyalty. 


    Commercial Values

     High Quality Voice Service

    High quality voice service is provided; average MOS is enhanced over 4.0, improving operator competitiveness, users satisfaction and loyalty. 

     Enhanced Coverage

    Single cell coverage radius of voice service is enlarged about 50%, that is, 60 to 100 more calls can be made during single time period.

    MOS Evaluation

    End-to-End MOS evaluation and analysis tool helps operators to analyze user service quality, fast locate fault, decrease O&M OPEX. 

    Key Technologies


     Break Uplink Coverage Bottleneck

    eVoLTE MOS4.0+ solution supports RoHC and TTIB; Voice CoMP and ECN-A technologies effectively break uplink coverage bottleneck, maximally enlarge VoLTE covering radius by 50%, significantly reducing call drop rate, enabling users to enjoy high quality voice services anytime anywhere. 

     Enhanced Voice Service

    eVoLTE MOS4.0+ solution supports the latest Enhanced Voice Services (EVS), covering 50Hz – 16KHz ranges, improving voice clearance and listening comfort, perfectly restoring the original soundtrack. It provides the high-end users ultra-clear voice services and HD video service. 


     Advanced Scheduling Technology EVS

    eVoLTE MOS4.0+ saves more scheduling resources and opportunities by series of capacity enhancement features, such as Semi-Persistent Scheduling (SPS), Robust Header Compression (ROHC), industry leading active delay scheduling, flexible VoLTE service admission strategy, etc., which enables 60-100 more calls to be made during single time period. 

     MOS Evaluation Optimization Tool

    End-to-End MOS evaluation and analysis tool helps operators to monitor and quantify the MOS value at anytime, it also calculate and analyze the MOS to provide the optimization suggestion and automatically locate the voice faults and recover them, such as single link of voice service detection, location and recovery, tremendously axing operators’ OPEX. 

    Success Cases

    Currently, ZTE eVoLTE solution has successfully helped China Mobile, Malaysia Digi and UMobile, Indonesia Smartfren, Slovakia SWAN, Thailand AIS to commercial their VoLTE services. In addition, ZTE now is pre-commercializing eVoLTE with series high-end operators, increasing their market competitiveness and enhancing their user’s loyalty.


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