ZXIN10 IN - Intelligent Network

  • ZTE ZXIN10 IN provides enterprises, families and individuals with value-added services based on basic voice and multimedia. It can meet multiple users' requirements such as billing and control. It supports many mainstream protocols such as INAP, CAMEL, WIN, MAP and SIP, and provides rich IN services for all mobile/fixed network users under GSM, CDMA, PSTN, NGN and LTE/IMS, enhancing user experiences and helping operators improve ARPU.

    System Function
    1. Supporting NFV, realizing on-demand elastic scaling and rapid system deployment, helping cloud-based transformation of operators' services
    2. The decoupling between the capability and the application is based on the JAINSLEE architecture to facilitate the development of third party IN applications.

    3. Unified O&M of multiple services improves the efficiency of O&M of operators and reduces OPEX.

    Service Function
    1. Orchestration Services
    Providing four orchestration services including Anchor Service, IM-SSF, SCIM and Service Broker to facilitate operators to conduct business applications quickly and flexibly and reduce investment costs
    2. Basic Telecom Services
    Providing basic telecom services such as Prepaid Service/Voucher Center to meet the requirements of operators' basic voice value-added services
    3. Enhanced Consumer Services
    Providing enhanced consumer services such as Call Assistant, ONLY, Multi-ID and USSD to enhance user experiences and improve user's viscosity
    4. Enhanced Enterprise Services

    Providing enhanced enterprise services such as VPBX, E-business Card and Number Translation Service to help operators expand the enterprise market and realize the new B2B2C business model

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