Big Video

Big Video Integrated CDN

ZTE BigVideo Integrated CDN(iCDN):  Converges all content services

ZTE BigVideo iCDN product offers all kinds of content distribution and acceleration services for the operators. It covers fixed and wireless network, provides all content services including video services such as IPTV and OTT, web request and HTTP downloading. It can serve a variety of terminal devices. The one-stop unified portal provides convenient management and dispatching.

ZTE BigVideo iCDN:  MEC / OLT CDN, JITP + M-DRM, MABR, Speedy Service

1. Innovation of MEC / OLT CDN and big data unchain the operators from the role of dumb pipeline
2. JITP, M-DRM M-ABR and capability of openess assure the operator of zero cost in terminal devices integration and a better ecosystem
3. Speedy video serivces and constant innovation ensure TTM

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