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ZTE TrueMeet Cloud Videoconferencing Server M930

  • 1.Product Introduction

    ZXV10 M930 is a carrier-class video conferencing server oriented to cloud deployment. It supports various audio and video coding formats, and the access of software and hardware video conference terminals. It offers high-quality conference services as well as powerful and flexible conference control capabilities. 

    As a software MCU, the ZXV10 M930 supports virtualization, cloud-based deployment, and can also be installed on X86 or ARM servers. It is easy to deploy, maintain, expand and operate, which meets the video communication service requirements of various enterprises, organizations and operators.

    2.Highlighted Features

    ●Cloud-based deployment with high compatibility, reducing hardware and maintenance costs
    The M930 supports virtualization and cloud deployment so that services can run on X86 servers or virtual hosts. It is compatible with mainstream video conference terminals and MCUs through ITU-T H.323/SIP protocols. With rich SDKs, it can be easily integrated with various kinds of industry solutions without the need of deploying additional dedicated hardware. 
    ●Multi-protocol compatibility and multi-terminal access
    It provides video conference, audio conference, data conference, and hybrid conference services, and supports the unified conference access of conference terminals, all-in-one large screen terminals, and software clients. With built-in WEB Server, GK Server, SIP Server, SIP Proxy, signaling and media gateway, it facilitates cross-network networking, enabling easier NAT-firewall traversal between different organizations. 
    ●Agile and efficient conference experience
    It offers end-to-end support for H.265 to deliver more detailed image quality than H.264 under the same bandwidth and the same image quality with 50% bandwidth saved. It supports initiating a conference through a MCU management platform or a video conference terminal. 
    ●Super network adaptability and security assurance
    The system leverages dedicated FEC technology to reduce the impact of unstable IP network quality on conferences. In Internet mode, it also adopts automatic bandwidth adjustment and resolution deduction to ensure QoS. Moreover, with H.235 and SRTP media encryption and AES, video conferences can be convened with higher security.  
    ●Self-service conference control, providing personalized services
    The system supports terminal-initiated conferencing, virtual conference room, and WEB-based conference booking. Its conference control functions include conference venue viewing, conference recording and VOD, and real-time conference interaction. Through a Universal Port, each conference attendee can view any of the conference venues as needed and enjoy excellent conference experience. 
    ●Security information protection
    Administrators and users are granted with different permissions, and password authentication are required for user account login, conference joining, conference control, etc.