ZTE 15kW500V EV charging rectifier

  • ZXD030 T501 is a new generation rectifier module special developed for the electrical vehicle(EV) charging by ZTE power group. It has high efficiency, high power density, high reliability and super-strong environment adaptability advantage. it is DC output voltage range from 150 to 500VDC,15kW rated power, peak efficiency up to 96.2%. It can be used in parallel up to 30 modules to satisfy huge, medium and small EV charger application scenario.
    ZXD030 T501 EV charging rectifier

    ●High stability and reliability
    ●23 years of DC power R&D experience, technology-leading.
    ●160+ Countries Business Coverage. No.1 cumulative market share of DC power supply for the 6 years in China, high stability and reliability 
    ■Power density is highest in the industry
    ●15kW module,power density more than 36W/ in3
    ●More flexible for EV charger system design, decrease design cost.
    ●Reduce space occupancy, air duct design more convenient
    ■High efficiency and constant power output,reduce energy loss
    ●Peak efficiency up to 96.2%, energy loss cut down 20%, increase profit and improve reliability . 
    ● Constant power output design, shorter charging time, better customer feeling.
    ■Excellent adaptability
    ●Wide input voltage range, 265VAC~475VAC,operators in most poor grid
    ●Wide range of operation temperature,-33℃~75℃,can worked in wicked environment


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