ZTE Hybrid IP Gateway STB

  • 1.Product Introduction

    This product is convergent with router function and STB function, it is comprised of the devices that Operator deployed in users’ house in one product which can meet the main function of network and home entertainment.

    The router function can meet the networking requirement of home devices, which provides two Ethernet cable ports, the ports is for PC and other devices use cable to access to home network, at the same time, the Wi-Fi is for mobile devices to access network. The STB provides IPTV/OTT play function, which uses HDMI to connect to TV and can play 4K UHD IPTV and OTT video. 


    2. Product Highlights:

    1)     Decrease the complexity of home device deployment. After the fiber has been deployed to the passageway, it only needs to simplify the indoor installation

    2)     Promote the efficiency of the FTTH solution installation. When the user wants to access the network, he/she just needs to use the Ethernet to connect to the network

    3)     ZTE hybrid gateway IP STB provides one GE up-link WAN port and two GE down-link LAN ports so that the user can access the network. In addition, it provides the high-speed Wi-Fi function for other home devices

    4)     ZTE hybrid gateway IP STB adopts advanced hardware to offer rich services such as IPTV/OTT video, It supports H.265/HEVC 4KP60 10bit video decoding, online music and games to end users

    3.Customer benefit

    1)     Import the installation more efficient. Operator just need to finish the fiber deployment out house, in house installation use Ethernet cable, which has low technical requirement and can be more efficient

    2)     Decrease complexity of use device, easy for operate, decrease OPEX. After the router and STB is converged, the operation can be centralized, and is easy to fix the problem

    3)     Use advanced hardware can promote Operator investment in a long time, no need to upgrade the hardware

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